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How To Renew Mcafee Antivirus Application – Step Wise Guide


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McAfee antivirus is one of the best and amazing antimalware program which you could make use to safeguard your information. It safeguards the information from viruses, malware, ransomware, spam ware, rootkits, Trojans, and a number of such risks. McAfee antivirus embodies some superior attributes right into it like Firewall, encryption software program, adult controls, spam administration, password remember, anti-spam, and also many more attributes. One of the very best components of this software program is that using a solitary subscription, you can mount it on a number of tools that you have. This, then, could be made use of to safeguard all your devices and safeguard your device from any hazards that you might discover.

McAfee Antivirus Renewal Support

In order to make use of McAfee antivirus, it is required to have a membership for the very same. McAfee antivirus is however readied to the choice of subscription renewal, yet sometimes, the subscription renewal attribute may be diminished. In such an instance it comes to be essential to renew McAfee antivirus to ensure that your system continues to be safeguarded at all times and do not drop a victim to the current security hazards.

There are a number of virus attacks accomplished on a daily basis which vary in their structure as well as their technique of working. In order to deal with such infections, the antivirus should be updated daily. McAfee updates have the infection definitions of the current safety hazards which help you secure from the current protection dangers.

To perform McAfee renewal process, it is required to perform the proper steps or you may also get in touch with McAfee Antivirus Technical Support Number.

Steps to Renew McAfee Antivirus:

If there is a situation when your McAfee antivirus membership has actually run out or is about to run out, you have to follow the steps mentioned below to efficiently renew your McAfee antivirus.

  • Open up McAfee website on your internet browser as well as a visit to your McAfee account.
  • Click the button “My account”, then click the Subscriptions button.
  • Right here you can see all your memberships that have actually ended or are active.
  • Try to find the subscription that has actually ended or will end.
  • Click on the renew button appropriate beside it.
  • After that, you have to follow the steps to renew your membership.


If at any defined time you encounter any kind of problem, do not hesitate to make a call to McAfee antivirus tech support phone number and obtain the solution of all kind of issues instantly. When it comes to any other issues with your McAfee software application you could call the McAfee professionals. by 24/7 available at Pro Tech Knowledge for support and avail the support.

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How to download, install and activate McAfee Antivirus?

Activate McAfee Antivirus Plus with the Product Key

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Nowadays, internet usage has become one of the major part of our lives and moreover it is the easiest way for the users of whole world to search any kind of information on any topic. But many a times, the internet users are responsible for inviting a large number of online threats while surfing over internet or visiting different webpages, websites. Here at this sort of time, an Antivirus program is utilized to secure the technical products of today’s digital world against the unauthorized and lethal infections which further leads to genuine risk to the computing or the mobile devices of its customers. The malicious threats and infected files are responsible for stacking the invalid programs in the systems of the customers which results in bringing up of the security breaks and loss/ steal of confidential information or data stored on the technicaldevices. Therefore to be prepare and safe against these difficult and dangerous issue, every technical customer wants to utilize a useful and total protection offering antivirus software. There are numerous antivirus available in the present technical world however McAfeeseems the best one amongst all of them as it provides complete and total security shield to our framework programming.


McAfee Antivirus Activation

Online Infections are exceptionally harming all the systems from laptops to personal computers and also the one having either of the operating system like Windows, Linux, Android. McAfeeAntivirus support the extremely thankful assurance to customer’s own and expert information. Said but McAfee can additionally inclined to some common technical issues while its installation, download or activation or sometimes even after all these processes means at the time of its usage. In the event of having such technical glitches, McAfee Antivirus customers can take step- wise or remote assistance support from the technical customer support offering specialists of a reliable and experienced support delivering firm like The technical support experts at this firm can render the genuinely necessary specialized support services for resolution of issues with McAfeeAntivirus. We have also provided some guidelines for the users that will help them to download, install and activate the McAfee Antivirus on their own. Go through the steps given below:

Steps to Download McAfee antivirus security

Prior to download, install or activate McAfee Antivirus, the customers should meet some common but essential system requirements such as:

  • Remove the previous older version of McAfee antivirus from the system, even if has been expired
  • If there is any other antivirus previously installed on the device, then don’t just Uninstall it from control panel but use the antivirus removal tool to do so

Now, the users can visit the official website of the McAfee to download the McAfee Antivirusfor their system or they can also download their McAfee Antivirus by using the link “Download the McAfee product” that they had received within the email, while purchasing their McAfeeAntivirus.


Now the users can start with the installation of their McAfee Antivirus as soon as the download process get completed.

Steps to Install McAfee antivirus security

Step 1: Double click on the McAfee Antivirus setup pop up and then follow the on-screen instructions to set up McAfee Antivirus

Step 2: From the top-right corner of the display, choose the installation language followed by clicking on “Continue” button

Step 3: Agree with the terms and conditions by clicking ‘Agree’ option and then hit on ‘install antivirus’ button

Once the installation process completes here, it will update the antivirus and its settings from the internet

Step 4: Now the users can restart their system and see if their McAfee Antivirus is working properly or not

Steps to McAfee Antivirus Activation  security

Follow the steps given below to activate McAfee antivirus that is purchased in-store.

Step 1: Open the web browser and go to the link

Step 2: Select the country and language from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: The registration page may select your region incorrectly, but you should confirm that the information is correct and make changes if necessary.

Step 3: Carefully type the registration number that you have received in your email

Step 4: Click Submit after filling all the asked details.

Step 5: Make sure that the email address is correct, followed by clicking ‘Verify’ option.

NOTE: don’t worry if you have typed an incorrect email address by mistake as you can edit the wrong email address just by clicking ‘Edit’ to return to the previous screen, and here provide the correct email address, followed by clicking Verify to continue.

Step 6: Follow the on-screen directions to create your McAfee Antivirus account, and install & activate the McAfee Antivirus.

Step 7: Restart the system to finish the activation

Hope the above mentioned installation, & activation support steps will provide helpful & appropriate support but if still want the McAfee Antivirus technical customer supportservices from the certified and experienced technical customer support providers of then contact our Support offering experts on the toll-free McAfee Antivirus Support Phone Number to get the resolutions of each and every technical issues appearing in front of you. We provide:

  • Support for Installation and Uninstallation of McAfee Antivirus
  • McAfee Antivirus Customer’s Laptop & computer system not working properly support
  • Support to resolve System Optimization technical error with McAfee Antivirus
  • Support services for Configuration & fixation of McAfee Antivirus technical issue
  • Technical support for McAfee Antivirus not installing with apps on Smart phone and tablet issue
  • McAfee product don’t support deep scanning problems
  • Support to troubleshoot the errors that makes McAfee unable in its virus removal duty
  • Support for Unencrypted Ransom Virus Files technical glitches
  • Support to fix error in updating or installing McAfee to its latest version software
  • McAfee un-installation failed in Windows 10 support
  • Uninstallation of the security product is not successful support
  • Support to resolve McAfee Tune up Update failed error
  • McAfee Antivirus for Windows 7 is not working properly support
  • Support solutions to resolve unexpected or sudden technical error while uninstalling or installing the security product
  • Support for the security product that fails in detecting or removing infections found on customer’s Windows devices
  • Support for preventing the degrade customer’s system performance
  • Support to fix security product open error
  • Driver installation, renewal or activation error resolution support
  • Any security product license update, uninstallation error support
  • Error in Antivirus protection support services that get fail in scanning
  • McAfee Virus removal support

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Why it is important to update the McAfee Product Key Activation?


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Technology is advancing every day and so as the cyber attacks. New threats and viruses are increasing out each day thus it becomes very important to look after the computing devices by installing an updated virus removal product key. Antivirus software holds the functionality of virus removal product key similar to a security personal on the gate of the computing devices. It not only gives safety to the computing devices from attacks but also alerts and destroys the virus attacks from the devices. No antivirus security into the computer is same to attending an unwelcome guest in the house just before you are about to depart for partying. Don’t you think it is awkward, when the whole plan gets flop, alike when you are working on the PC and it abruptly stops working, or carry out slow then the user may feel irritated, and if it’s an imperative work then your anger is on the highest level? To save the computing device it’s crucial to install a virus removal product key that is a reliable antivirus protection like McAfee. Technology is what being employed widely nowadays Google, Gmail, Social media and Internet Banking is the major examples of them. While creating an account a person share his personal data, and you never know that how this data going to be steal and then misuse. So, if you have installed a virus removal product key like McAfee then it will protect the computer device from cyber and virus attackers.

McAfee Antivirus Activation Technical Support is known amongst the customers for protection of the computer device against severe as well as common viruses. McAfee Antivirus has made a good standing by providing a range of successful protection system. It improvises the systems presentation and allows the customer to explore the internet carefully. When it comes to virus removal and total protection into the system it generates incredible results. Easy to download the product it becomes significant to renew it on the regular basis to maintain its performance and for better customer understanding. But a fact to be measured is McAfee is a human made code that can trigger technical glitches like product key activation. These product key technical issues need to be fixed by the McAfee customer Account Activation technical support team. The McAfee customer product key technical support team resolves several of virus removal product key issues that incorporate following:

  • Customer Account Activation Technical Support for how to fix updating error as well as virus removal product key in McAfee?
  • Customer Account Activation Technical Support for why antivirus is not installing?
  • Customer Account Activation Technical Support for how to turn off on windows 10?
  • Customer Account Activation Technical Support for how virus removal and total protection could be managed?
  • Customer Account Activation Technical Support for what is the method to solve McAfee virus removal product key updating error?
  • Customer Account Activation Technical Support for how to uninstall McAfee on Mac operating software?
  • Customer Account Activation Technical Support for is it possible to solve virus removal product key service errors in McAfee?
  • Customer Account Activation Technical Support for what is the method to renew the McAfee subscription?
  • Customer Account Activation Technical Support for what is the method to recoverMcAfee account password?
  • Customer Account Activation Technical Support for why the antivirus is not performing the real time scanning?

The customer account activation support is able to resolve the above mentioned virus removal product key issues but usually a customer encounter a product key technical issue that McAfee is not showing in the system. If the customer encounters product key technicalissue other then the above, they need to call the Phone Number.

After, following the above given steps just check the system tray whether the option is visible there or not. But still if the option is not there then without wasting a single moment dial the McAfee customer care support phone number. The customer account activation support team at us will determine the query in the least possible time. We at are backed by the team of skilled and practiced professionals, assuring to offer excellence resolutions of the McAfee technical issues as well as for virus removal and total protection. Just dial our McAfee Antivirus Technical Customer SupportPhone Number if looking for reliable helps. Our McAfee Customer Technical Support team is just a call away.

Features of Customer Technical Support Service      

  • 24-hour Customer Account Activation Technical Support for
  • Remote Access with Privacy.
  • To install and renewal of McAfee product key Set-up, eliminate Virus & Spyware troubles.
  • World-class Customer Account Activation Technical Support Service for virus removal product key.
  • McAfee Antivirus Account Activation Technical Phone Support Service from verified Technicians for offering help with several software applications.
  • Lowest Charges of Customer Account Activation Technical Support Service for virus removal product key.
  • To install McAfeerenewal of Virus Definitions & run Full Mac Scan.
  • Antivirus Account Activation Technical Support for installation, un-installation, and elimination of McAfee antivirus product key.
  • Scanning of the device for outdated product and updating them.
  • Detecting and eliminating the potential malwares and infections.
  • Well-trained Computer Technicians.
  • McAfee Antivirus Account Activation Technical Support for each and every trouble regarding to all McAfee product key.
  • McAfee Antivirus Account Activation Technical Support for fixing the problems related to McAfee product key.
  • Helping the customers for Set-up and configuration of their antivirus or even other software like the operating system.
  • 24×7 available McAfee Antivirus Technical Support.
  • McAfee Antivirus Account Activation Technical Phone Support for blocking and eliminating malicious software like spyware, malware, and viruses from your device.

The Microsoft certified team at is known from several years to tackle all the virus removal product key problems in a better way. Hence, the customers can get the genuine Antivirus Phone Support service from the experts present for them day and night just by calling on our Customer Care phone number. The customers can also ask for and get the instant support on our Phone Number or they can prefer the chat help particularly offered for our customers. We provide customer care phone service bearing in mind the needs of the customers, our phone care services are just a call away. Dial our Customer care phone number and talk with our staff.

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Patches Resolve ePO 5.1.3 Vulnerability


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A vulnerability in ePO 5.1.3 has been discovered and resolved.



The vulnerability is remediated in these versions:
• ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1.3 Hotfix 1110787.
• Fix will be included in 5.1.4 (when available).
• Issue never impacted ePO 5.3.0 or higher

• CVE-2017-3902 (CVSS: 4.0; Severity: Medium)
A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the Web user interface (UI) in ePO 5.1.3, 5.1.2, 5.1.1, and 5.1.0 allows authenticated users to inject malicious Java scripts via bypassing input validation.

Intel Security recommends that all customers verify that they have applied the latest updates. Impacted users should install the relevant patches or hotfixes. For full instructions and information, see Knowledge Base article SB10184 – Intel Security – Security Bulletin: ePolicy Orchestrator update fixes cross-site scripting vulnerability (CVE-2017-3902) (

For more information on the hotfix see the ePO 5.1.3 Hotfix 1110787 Release Notes:
PD26861 –

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10 Most Dangerous Celebrities in 2017

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McAfee Inc. conducted the 11th annual McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities study, which reveals which celebrities generate the most “dangerous” search results, & make the biggest risk for users browsing the web.

Most Dangerous celebrities 2017

How we done it?

McAfee conducted this study by using McAfee WebAdvisor site ratings to determine the number of risky websites generated by searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo!, that included a celebrity name and search terms likely to yield potentially malicious websites in the results. So, which celebs gives us the most cause for concern? Here’s our top 10 list:

There’s two key factors as to why A-lister Avril Lavigne takes the top spot. Oddly, she’s the target of an internet conspiracy theory that suspected the real Avril died and was replaced by an imposter. And it’s far from surprising that an internet conspiracy lead to unreliable sources and sketchy sites. The second reason is that in late 2016 Lavigne announced that she was working on a new album that will be released before the end of 2017. And unfortunately, content searches for new music lead many into uncertain areas of the internet.

For example — “Avril Lavigne + free mp3” was by far the riskiest way to search for Avril Lavigne content and resulted in a risk percentage of nearly 22%. In fact, musicians dominated this year’s list because of the dangers of searching for “free mp3,” which accounted for approximately 40% of the risky websites. Free torrent accounted for 36% of risky websites and free mp4 accounted for 24% of risky websites.

So, where do cybercriminals come in to all of this? Hackers know that consumers are looking for the latest album and movie releases from their favorite celebrities, and can use this against consumers to steal personal information. They love to leverage downloadable content like music or video files to entice consumers to visit potentially malicious websites designed to install malware.

So, since music could lead to malware, the next question is, how do you ensure your favorite artist doesn’t cost you your personal data? For starters, follow these tips:

  • Be careful what you click. Are you looking for a sneak-peak at Avril Lavigne’s rumored 2017 album? It’s best to wait for the official release than to visit a third-party website that could contain malware.
  • Searching for free MP3s? Be careful! Searching for “free MP3” returned the highest number of risky websites, so it’s important for consumers to be vigilant and ensure they are searching safely. If a website comes up that doesn’t seem 100% trustworthy, avoid paying it a visit.
  • Always browse with security protection. Whether you’re eager to learn more about your favorite artist’s background, or just discover new music, it’s important that you search the web safely. A tool such as McAfee WebAdvisor can help keep you safe by identifying malicious websites and warning the user before they click.

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Cloud Network Security for Amazon Web Services


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Security mammoth McAfee has declared the dispatch of another virtual security stage for Amazon Web Services (AWS) which intends to give propelled insurance to organizations working in people in general cloud.

The new item, named the Virtual Network Security Platform (vNSP), has been intended to secure workloads on AWS against cutting edge malware which can achieve a business through different channels, including cross-site scripting, SQL infusion assaults and botnets.

The risk in these cases likewise develops in the event that one virtual server is traded off, as malware can be exchanged to other powerless machines in a similar client condition.

As indicated by a McAfee release in lieu of observing the whole system section, the new vNSP works at the individual workload level. The organization contends this guarantees perceivability of between section activity, counteracts single purpose of disappointment hazard and uses security assets more productively than customary strategies.

View image on Twitter

‘AWS makes a considerable measure of progress, for example, security of the cloud, however clients are as yet in charge of their security in the cloud — including securing their working frameworks, applications and information movement,’ remarked Shishir Singh, VP and general administrator of the Network Security specialty unit at McAfee.

‘While firewall setups are imperative, security groups and cloud planners need to address misuse counteractive action, malware assurance and pick up perceivability into the parallel development of dangers. With McAfee Network Security Platform, clients can move past the essentials to more refined assurance of their cloud arrange,’ he included.

The security supplier is currently permitting free early sees of the innovation in 72-hour ‘test drive’ trials. Clients will have the capacity to direct tests to mirror certifiable digital assaults, design approach and audit the announcing dashboards.

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Intel Security to become McAfee in 2017


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Intel Security is set to end up McAfee in April 2017, as per Chris Young, Intel Security general supervisor and future CEO of the new organization, in which Intel will hold a 49% stake.

“When we turn into an autonomous organization, we will be one of the biggest unadulterated play digital security organizations on the planet,” he told Intel Security’s yearly Focus meeting in Las Vegas.

“Not just will we be one of the biggest, however we won’t rest until we accomplish our objective of being the best,” said Young.

This is the principal Focus occasion since Intel reported arrangements to turn off its security business as a free organization in association with venture firm TPG, five years in the wake of procuring McAfee.

Young focused on his vision for the new company, its roadmap for achieving that, the need for rapid innovation and the importance of cross-industry collaboration.

“One of the things I love about this conference is that we all come together to find ways to win, to work together,” he said.

First, Young highlighted the publication of the book The Second Economy – the race for trust, treasure and time in the cyber security war.

The main objective of the book is to help chief information security officers (CISOs) communicate the battles facing everyone to others in the c-suite.

“So that we can recruit them into our fight. We need to enlist others on our journey if we are to be successful,” he said.

Challenging assumptions

The book is also aimed at encouraging information security professionals to challenge their own assumptions.

“I plan to send two copies of this book to the winner of the US presidential election, because cyber security is going to be one of the most important topics they could possibly face,” said Young.

“The book is about giving more people a view of the dynamism of what we face in cyber security, which is why we have to challenge our assumptions continually,” he said. “That is why we challenge our assumptions in the book as well as our assumptions about what we do every day.”

Young said Intel Security had been asking thousands of customers to challenge the company’s assumptions over the past 18 months so it can improve.

“This week, we are going to bring a lot of that feedback to life in the delivery of a tremendous amount of innovation across our entire portfolio,” he said.

Young then used a video to underline the message that the McAfee brand is built on the belief that there is power in working together, and that no one person, product or organisation can provide total security.

By enabling protection, detection and correction to work together, the company believes it can react to cyber threats faster.

By linking products from different providers to work together, the company believes the security of networks becomes better. By bringing companies together to share threat intelligence, better ways can be found to protect each other.

The company said cyber crime is the greatest challenge of the digital age, and this can only be overcome by working together. It revealed a new tagline: “Together is power”.

The video also revealed the new independent company’s logo, which Young called a symbol of its new beginning and a visual representation of what is core to the company’s strategy.

“The shield means defence, and the two interlocking components are a symbol of the togetherness we are about in the industry,” he said. “The red colour is a callback to our legacy in the industry.”

Three main reasons for independence

According to Young, there are three main reasons behind the decision to become an independent company.

First, is to be completely focused on cyber security at a company level, solving customers’ cyber security problems and dealing with customers’ cyber security challenges.

Second is innovation. “Because we are committed and dedicated to cyber security alone at company level, our innovation is centred around it,” said Young.

Third is growth. “Our industry is moving faster than any other sub-segment of IT. We have to grow as quickly, if not more quickly than everything that is happening in our space,” he said.

The new company will have 7,500 employees and more than $2bn in revenue with a growing profit base.

“The challenges in our industry have moved on and so must we,” said Young. “We are looking forward, and will accelerate what we are doing as a new organisation so we can be better at solving security challenges in the future.”

He added that in the past year, the company has invested more than $500m in research and development.

Record numbers

According to Young, the company also has 21% more engineers than at the start of 2016, as well as 25% more product managers and 19% more professional services staff, with another 11% to come in the next few months.

“This week, we are announcing 18 new product and partner innovations – a release across every single part of our product portfolio, in addition to the integration of new partners. It is a record number of solutions and innovations for any year in this company’s history,” he said.

He detailed some of these innovations, before announcing the company’s decision to make the McAfee data exchange layer (DXL) available to everyone in the industry for real-time threat intelligence sharing between different point products in their infrastructure.

“We are doing this because it is the right thing for our industry in order to move forward,” he said, calling on attendees to challenge every supplier they do business with to integrate with DXL.

“There are no more excuses. In the past, suppliers said they could not integrate with DXL because they first had to become members of the Intel Security Innovation Alliance. But there is no excuse now. It is open. Everybody can use it,” said Young.

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New Server Security Release Makes Borderless Cloud Security a Reality


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Cloud Workload Discovery, initially declared in July 2016, secured Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Cloud Workload Discovery for crossover cloud, accessible on December 15, 2016 stretches out scope to VMware and OpenStack private mists.

As the half and half server farm extends, finding the blind sides continues getting harder. Associations battle to survey their end-to-end security pose for workloads and stages, screen and ensure workloads over all mists and keep up administrative consistence.

Cloud Workload Discovery for crossover mists gives end-to-end perceivability into all workloads and their basic stages to make borderless cloud security a reality. With profound perceivability, appraisal and remediation for register, stockpiling, and system as appeared in the chart underneath, associations can evaluate end-to-end security act (workloads and stages), screen and ensure workloads over all private and open mists and keep up administrative consistence.

How Cloud Workload Discovery Works

Cloud Workload Discovery for hvbrid cloud provides three main capabilities:

  • Discovery of weak security controls for VMware, OpenStack, AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Platform security audit, including firewall and encryption settings, for AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Traffic and network threat visibility for AWS.

These insights lead to faster detection while while McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePOTM)  or DevOps tools such as Chef, Puppet, and OpsWorks enable quick remediation.

Cloud Workload Discovery’s integration with McAfee ePO, a single management platform with simplified workflows, gives organizations effective control to help implement security solutions across physical, virtual and cloud environments.  Since Cloud Workload Discovery is agentless and powered by API integration with cloud providers, security administrators just enter their cloud account credentials in McAfee ePO to instantly discover workloads, address threat alerts and enforce policies.   Quick time to value and a low learning curve mean that you can significantly improve your cloud workload security with minimal involvement from your IT Security team.

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Release Schedule Change – 5900 Anti-Malware Engine Beta Refresh


The McAfee Anti-Malware Engine, a core component of the McAfee Endpoint and Gateway products, uses patented technology to analyze potentially malicious code to detect and block Trojans, viruses, worms, adware, spyware, and other threats.

The 5900 Anti-Malware Engine Beta Refresh and VirusScan Command Line 6.1.0 Beta release schedule has changed to take an opportunity to further improve the engine performance in relation to new JavaScript versions, based on work done during the previous Beta cycle.

New planned schedule
5900 Engine Beta 3 – January 17, 2017
VirusScan Command Line 6.1.0 products Beta 3 – by January 21, 2017
Release Candidate (RC) packages of 5900 Engine and VirusScan Command Line 6.1.0 products – mid-February 2017
5900 Engine (Elective download) general availability (GA) and VirusScan Command Line 6.1.0 products GA – late February 2017
5900 Engine (AutoUpdate) GA – late April 2017

New features in the 5900 Anti-Malware Engine

The 5900 Anti-Malware Engine is a yearly Engine release that will succeed the current 5800 Engine and includes the following improvements:

Detection and Performance Enhancements:

Enhanced support of JavaScript to detect more threats.
Improved support for Microsoft Office (OLE) file format.
Improved unpacking of Dotfuscator and MPRESS packed files.
Enhancements to DAT content to improve predictability of content processing.

Platform Enhancements
New Platform Support
Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Windows Server 2016

Where are the Beta/RC Packages available?
They are available from the Engines area of the McAfee Enterprise Beta site:

For complete information about the 5900 Anti-Malware Engine, see KB66741:

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McAfee Launches Free Tool That Removes Pinkslipbot Leftovers That Use Your PC as Proxy



McAfee launched AmlPinkC2 free tool which is window command line application. It deletes remnant files of Pinkslipbot infections that permission the malware to continue to use the previously infected computers as proxy relays, even if the original malware’s binary has been hose downed and removed from infected hosts.

typical Pinkslipbot control server

System Requirement:

To use this tool, you must have:

  • A computer running Windows XP or higher
  • An active network connection

What is the Pinkslipbot?

what is the pinkslipbot

Pinkslipbot is a banking trojan that became visible in 2007 and is also tracked under three other names, such as Qakbot, Qbot, and PinkSlip.

This banking trojan isn’t always active, and it keeps coming back in waves, as part of very well-planed campaigns. In the past years, numerous cyber-security companies have tracked its attacks and broken down its different versions [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10].

The most recent campaign was spotted by IBM security researchers, who noticed Pinkslipbot versions that caused Active Directory lockouts on infected computers.

McAfee finds new wrinkle in Pinkslipbot infections

One of the companies that have historically tracked Pinkslipbot campaigns is McAfee. Its researchers presented an analysis of the trojan’s C&C server infrastructure and its method C&C communications at last year’s Virus Bulletin security conference.

Last week, while looking over past and present Pinkslipbot campaigns, researchers found a new wrinkle in the trojan’s mode of operation.

Researchers say Pinkslipbot authors are much clever than they initially thought. According to McAfee, besides stealing the user’s data, the banking trojan also uses infected hosts as proxy servers to relay information from the central C&C server to other infected hosts, in a mesh-like network.

New McAfee tool removes last remnants of Pinkslipbot infections

According to McAfee, most security tools remove only the malware’s main binaries, crippling the trojan’s ability to collect passwords from infected hosts.

These Pinkslipbot removal procedures leave intact the code that creates these proxy servers, which run via the Windows UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) service.

McAfee’s new tool will remove these remaining files and prevent Pinkslipbot from using users’ PCs to relay C&C commands or to hide the exfiltration of stolen data through a mesh of proxies.

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